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Publish Date Article Name
01 Oct 2013 NZ: Immigration advisor fined for attempted sex exploitation (Auckland)
30 Sep 2013 NZ: Retrial over kidnap, rape allegations (Auckland)
27 Sep 2013 NZ: Prostitutes accosting teens (Auckland)
25 Sep 2013 NZ: Prostitution, crime deterred in new Christchurch CBD (Canterbury)
23 Sep 2013 NZ: Council candidate naming and shaming brothel clients (Canterbury)
23 Sep 2013 NZ: No parole for father of murdered schoolgirl who was jailed for rape (Wellington)
14 Sep 2013 NZ: Tax advice-seeking teen prostitute eyes her "use-by date"
02 Sep 2013 NZ: Super City Election 2013 - Old vs new in South Auckland
30 Aug 2013 NZ: Epsom Girls wants action on brothels (Auckland)
29 Aug 2013 NZ: Brothels upset Epsom neighbours (Auckland)
14 Aug 2013 NZ: Victim had nowhere to turn after life long rape and abuse by 'uncle'
07 Aug 2013 NZ: Brothel boss enters no plea over threat (Wellington)
26 Jul 2013 NZ: Chows make debut on Kiwi Rich List
15 Jul 2013 NZ: Welfare cull: 'I have to resort to prostitution'
13 Jun 2013 NZ: Brothel owners escape penalties
05 Jun 2013 NZ: Prostitutes kept out despite visas
12 Apr 2013 NZ: 'Money, not traffickers,' lures migrant sex staff
07 Apr 2013 NZ: Beyer, 'We were naive liberalising prostitution'
06 Apr 2013 NZ: Emotionally charged meeting looks at prostitution (Auckland)
01 Apr 2013 NZ: IRD profits from prostitution
01 Apr 2013 NZ: Prostitution's debasing reality - HIV/STD/pregnancy tests tax-deductible
29 Mar 2013 NZ: Lyttelton bans large brothels (Canterbury)
27 Mar 2013 NZ: Collective standing up for city's sex workers (Auckland)
25 Mar 2013 NZ: Sex work no go, student visitors told
14 Feb 2013 NZ: Prostitution ban splits select committee
01 Feb 2013 NZ: Sex tycoons buy Orakei base (Auckland)
29 Jan 2013 NZ: Prostitution bill delay a good thing
24 Dec 2012 NZ: Prostitute flashes breasts in shop (Auckland)
01 Dec 2012 NZ: 'Mega brothel' has industry support (Auckland)
30 Nov 2012 NZ: High-rise city brothel granted resource consent (Auckland)
30 Nov 2012 NZ: Chow brothel gets green light - Stop Demand media release
14 Nov 2012 NZ: Building labelled as NZ's first sex hotel (Auckland)
14 Nov 2012 NZ: Prime Minister John Key weighs in on NZ 'sex hotel'
02 Nov 2012 NZ: No reason to ban high-rise brothel - Council (Auckland)
30 May 2012 NZ: Project cleans up street prostitution (Auckland)
26 Apr 2012 NZ: Immigration raids catch 21 illegal prostitutes (Auckland)
19 Apr 2012 NZ: Jones fights Chow brothers over brothel tower (Auckland)
02 Apr 2012 NZ: Prostitute murder-accused appears in Court (Canterbury)
22 Mar 2012 NZ: Sex charged businessman in hospital (Auckland)
15 Mar 2012 NZ: Students protest against suburban brothels (Auckland)
06 Mar 2012 NZ: Street prostitution move (Auckland)
19 Jan 2012 NZ: 500 enter strip club breast job competition (Auckland)
19 Jan 2012 NZ: Cities team up to fight prostitution (Auckland/Canterbury)
17 Jan 2012 NZ: High rise brothel comes step closer (Auckland)
17 Jan 2012 NZ: Police prostitution swoop nets 14 arrests (Canterbury)
06 Jan 2012 NZ: Prostitution, whatever the scale, is always sordid
12 Dec 2011 NZ: Community board head calls for brothel ban (Auckland)
12 Dec 2011 NZ: Prostitute killer's appeal rejected (Auckland)
09 Dec 2011 NZ: 'Intimidation' prompts curbs on prostitutes (Canterbury)
03 Dec 2011 NZ: Prostitute's clients shy on talking to police (Canterbury)
30 Nov 2011 NZ: Couple's home now in red-light district (Canterbury)
29 Jul 2011 NZ: Prostitute problem 'desperate' (Auckland)
18 Jun 2011 NZ: Brothel brothers bomb out on High Court bid (Auckland)
02 May 2011 NZ: Ladies of the night (Taranaki)
19 Apr 2011 Pacific: Children at risk of trafficking
11 Apr 2011 NZ: Chinese prostitutes worry sex industry (Auckland)
09 Apr 2011 NZ: The Bordello Brothers (Wellington/Auckland)
11 Mar 2011 NZ: Homeowners enraged as sex 'skanks' move in (Canterbury)
28 Jan 2011 NZ: Council looks for power to ban street prostitutes (Auckland)
12 Dec 2010 NZ: Building up a sex empire (Wellington/Auckland)
14 Oct 2010 NZ: Overseas prostitute says NZ low risk (Auckland)
08 Oct 2010 NZ: Desperate turn to prostitution (Auckland)
04 Aug 2010 NZ: NZ's sex-slave cases 'slip under radar'
12 Jul 2010 NZ: Asian women forced to work in slave-like conditions (Auckland)
08 Jan 2010 NZ: Brothel-keepers jailed for rape (Wellington)
06 Dec 2009 NZ: Pregnant woman sells her body (Waikato)
07 Sep 2009 NZ: Victims of trafficking 'need to seek help'
04 Jun 2009 NZ: Man strangles prostitute (Canterbury)
14 Apr 2009 NZ: Sex and the city (Auckland)
20 Dec 2008 NZ: Police seek help in Avon River investigation (Canterbury)
12 May 2006 NZ: Chinese students take on sex for cash (Auckland)
17 Dec 2005 NZ: Link seen to video games in prostitute's murder (Canterbury)
10 Nov 2004 East Asia & Pacific: Curbing demand for child sex
09 Dec 2003 NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)

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