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Historically, rape and sexual violence has been viewed as a "women's issue" or a "children's issue".
Rape and sexual violence is overwhelmingly a MEN'S issue - to own and to solve.


Rape/sexual violence against women & children:
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Child rape/sexual violence specifically:
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Publish Date Article Name
02 Oct 2013 NZ: Prominent man guilty of sex crimes (Northland)
02 Oct 2013 NZ: Top cop's rape victim comment investigated (Manawatu-Whanganui)
01 Oct 2013 NZ: National crime rate down but sex offences up
01 Oct 2013 NZ: Paedophile traveller took victim on holiday (Wellington)
30 Sep 2013 NZ: Retrial over kidnap, rape allegations (Auckland)
30 Sep 2013 NZ: Hitchhiker's rape and murder sparks coroner's warning (Otago-Canterbury)
28 Sep 2013 NZ: Young, innocent the victims of shocking abuse
27 Sep 2013 NZ: Top cop apologises for calling child rape victim 'willing' (Manawatu-Whanganui) + videoclip
26 Sep 2013 NZ: Businessman, foster parent pleads guilty to child sex charges (Northland)
26 Sep 2013 NZ: Police describe Christchurch rapist (Canterbury)
24 Sep 2013 NZ: Teen who filmed girl's sexual abuse jailed (Auckland)
24 Sep 2013 NZ: Christchurch woman raped by intruder (Canterbury)
23 Sep 2013 NZ: No parole for father of murdered schoolgirl who was jailed for rape (Wellington)
21 Sep 2013 NZ: Karla Cardno's killer dodges sex offender treatment (Wellington)
21 Sep 2013 NZ: Woman attacked in Square toilets (Manawatu-Whanganui)
01 Sep 2013 NZ: Ageing sex offenders may die in prison
30 Aug 2013 NZ: Sex offender appeals 'manifestly excessive' sentence (Otago)
14 Aug 2013 NZ: Editorial - Tough stance on child abusers on right track
14 Aug 2013 NZ: Victim had nowhere to turn after life long rape and abuse by 'uncle'
29 Jul 2013 NZ: Doctor's sexual advances led to complaint
28 Jul 2013 NZ: Ex-coach accused of boy's sex abuse (Manawatu-Whanganui)
26 Jul 2013 NZ: Man faces sex charges (Taranaki)
23 Jul 2013 NZ: Man's reign of tyranny' ended (Wellington)
15 Jan 2013 NZ: School name secret as teacher faces charges (Auckland)
14 Jan 2013 NZ: Suppression remains for accused paedophile (Northland)
12 Jan 2013 NZ: Silent vigil for Indian rape victim (Auckland) (video 2:06)
12 Jan 2013 NZ: Silent protest against rape culture (Auckland)
23 Dec 2012 NZ: Hens' party bartender guilty of sex charge (Auckland)
22 Nov 2012 NZ: Victim kidnapped for pack rape (Auckland)
22 Nov 2012 NZ: Victim kidnapped for pack rape
12 Jun 2012 NZ: Teen prostitute raped at knifepoint (Auckland)
22 Mar 2012 NZ: Sex charged businessman in hospital (Auckland)
04 Feb 2012 NZ: Sex dentist's name stays suppressed (Canterbury)
18 Jan 2012 NZ: Teen admits campground sex attack on five-year-old (Waikato)
14 Jan 2012 NZ: Missing skipper on sex charges (Auckland)
10 Jan 2012 NZ: Pair accused of kidnap, rape of teen (Waikato)
02 Jan 2012 Sri Lanka/NZ: More rape incidents of tourists emerge
31 Dec 2011 NZ: Three in court on sex charges (Waikato)
19 Dec 2011 NZ: Evil dad raped daughter sentenced to 11 years jail (Northland)
12 Dec 2011 NZ: Hutt father tackled alleged sexual attacker (Wellington)
11 Dec 2011 NZ: Name suppression quandary (Auckland)
08 Dec 2011 NZ: Man in jail for sex-texts threat (Waikato)
08 Dec 2011 NZ: Rapist next door alarms victim (Southland)
07 Dec 2011 NZ: Murderer, rapist remains behind bars (Wellington)
07 Dec 2011 NZ: Rapist, murderer jailed 19 years (Auckland)
03 Dec 2011 NZ: Call to ditch jury trials in rape cases
30 Nov 2011 NZ: Man jailed after sex attack (Manawatu-Wanganui)
30 Nov 2011 NZ: Teen 'buys' his way out of sex conviction (Southland)
30 Nov 2011 NZ: Men try to lure girl, 11, into car (Otago)
25 Nov 2011 NZ: Man gives evidence rejecting sex claims (Southland)
20 Nov 2011 NZ: Blenheim sexual assault arrest (Marlborough)
08 Nov 2011 NZ: Collins talks tough on detaining sex offenders
08 Nov 2011 NZ: Killer denies he raped stepdaughter, 5 (Hawke's Bay)
04 Nov 2011 NZ: Guilty verdict after rape retrial (Taranaki)
01 Nov 2011 NZ: Guilty of rape, murder (Auckland)
28 Oct 2011 NZ: Police seek more victims of sex attacks (Auckland)
27 Oct 2011 NZ: Nurse struck off for touching patients (Auckland)
21 Oct 2011 NZ: Man jailed for 10 years over rape (Waikato)
09 Sep 2011 NZ: Protest over child abuse comedian's release (Auckland)
19 Aug 2011 NZ: Teacher admits touching girls at pool (Canterbury)
25 Jul 2011 NZ: Court rejects bid by sex offender (Canterbury)
24 Jul 2011 NZ worst for domestic violence - UN study
18 Jul 2011 NZ: Fears sex attacks will increase during Rugby World Cup
16 Jul 2011 NZ: Rapist lied to work as salesman (Canterbury)
13 Jul 2011 NZ: Monitored sex offender with girl, 13 (Wellington)
13 Jul 2011 NZ: Stepdad jailed for rape (Nelson)
11 Jul 2011 NZ: Support for chemical castration
03 Jul 2011 NZ: Schoolgirl attack warning (Auckland)
23 Jun 2011 NZ: Graham Capill parole bid on hold (Canterbury)
07 Jun 2011 NZ: Adoptee's 'horrific' attacks on mum (Bay of Plenty/Auckland)
07 Jun 2011 NZ: Sex offender played out fantasies (Waikato)
28 May 2011 NZ: Father's rape sentence appeal rejected (Auckland)
25 May 2011 NZ: Sex victim hopes abuser will get long jail term (Northland)
24 May 2011 NZ: Sacked teacher faces 17 sex abuse counts (Auckland)
21 May 2011 NZ: Repeat rapist sentenced (Waikato/Wellington)
21 May 2011 NZ: Prison guard charged with sex attack on girl (Wellington)
18 May 2011 NZ: Don't trust counsellor says sexually exploited patient
12 May 2011 NZ: Pre-teen sought for alleged sex assault (Hawke's Bay)
10 May 2011 NZ: Napier man jailed 14 years for rape of teenage girl (Hawke's Bay)
07 May 2011 NZ: Masterton child sex abuser jailed (Wellington)
05 May 2011 NZ: Boxing champ jailed for raping teen (Manawatu-Wanganui)
04 May 2011 NZ: Sex abuse became 'normal' for girls (Manawatu-Wanganui)
21 Apr 2011 NZ: Pensioner sentenced over horrific sex offences (video 6:35)
16 Apr 2011 NZ: Police respond to jump in child abuse (Canterbury)
13 Apr 2011 NZ: Silence on abuse may mean 10 years' jail
01 Mar 2011 NZ: Ex jockey jailed for sex offences (Hawke's Bay)
25 Feb 2011 NZ: Whakatane man jailed for two rapes (Bay of Plenty)
03 Sep 2010 Australia/NZ: NZ serial rapist fuelled by Internet rape porn
01 Aug 2010 NZ: Sex offenders moved to CBD (Auckland)
29 Jun 2010 NZ: Family GP 'exploited' raped teen for sex (Canterbury)
11 Jun 2010 NZ: Rise in underage prostitutes working streets (Auckland)
08 Jan 2010 NZ: Brothel-keepers jailed for rape (Wellington)
19 Nov 2006 NZ/Global: Child rape an indictment on millions of men
17 Dec 2005 NZ: Link seen to video games in prostitute's murder (Canterbury)
14 Jan 2005 NZ: Teens top viewers of child pornography
10 Feb 2004 NZ: Children as young as 10 exploited for sex
09 Dec 2003 NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)

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