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Publish Date Article Name
26 Sep 2013 UAE: Declare rape in conflict zones a war crime
23 Sep 2013 Australia: Aboriginal men take on violence
22 Sep 2013 England: I used to love Page 3 – but the time has come to banish breasts from the Sun
17 Sep 2013 Syria: William Hague and Angelina Jolie call for an end to sexual violence
14 Jun 2013 Australia: Chief of Army tells troops to respect women or 'get out'
14 Jan 2012 Lebanon: Men and women march against rape, sexual harassment
26 Dec 2011 USA: Young men mobilise to stop rape
08 Jun 2011 India: Break silence on sexual abuse, film tells kids
03 May 2011 USA/Spain: Former Johns take stand against prostitution
03 May 2011 USA: Demand Change project
29 Apr 2011 Ireland: Doctors call for buying sex to be made illegal
24 Apr 2011 USA: 'Real men don't buy girls' video ads going viral
23 Apr 2011 USA: What about American girls sold on the street?
14 Apr 2011 USA: Attacking the demand for child sex trafficking
12 Apr 2011 USA: Editorial - In defense of Ashley Judd by Kevin Powell
12 Apr 2011 USA: Rap's rape culture - Ashley Judd had a point
08 Dec 2009 Scotland: New campaign aims to end prostitution by reducing demand
20 Nov 2009 UN: Ban launches Network of Men leaders to combat violence against women
20 Oct 2008 Global/USA: The cruel boredom of pornography
15 Dec 2006 Sudan: George Clooney on Dafur
08 Nov 2003 Global/UK: Men and porn

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