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Publish Date Article Name
25 Nov 2014 Ireland: Government to make purchase of sex illegal
25 Sep 2013 Int'l: Legalized prostitution has not reduced stigma or exploitation - Equality Now
23 Sep 2013 Northern Ireland: New prostitution law 'vital'
30 Aug 2013 USA: Prostitution sting nabs nine (OR)
30 Aug 2013 England: Leicester child prostitution trial - Six men jailed
30 Aug 2013 USA: Prostitution sting nabs six (TX)
25 Aug 2013 USA: 21 sex buyers arrested in prostitution sting (IL)
23 Aug 2013 USA: Bradenton prostitution sting nets 9 johns (FL)
23 Aug 2013 USA: Howard police arrest 10 men in prostitution sting (MD)
23 Aug 2013 Canada: Prostitution sweep nets 25 johns (ON)
23 Aug 2013 USA: Rockford's stepped up efforts to quell prostitution applauded (IL)
21 Aug 2013 USA: Reno prostitution operation yields 10 citations for solicitation (NV)
21 Aug 2013 USA: Solicitation arrests in Wood County following prostitution sting (OH)
19 Aug 2013 Canada: Edmonton police arrest dozens during prostitution sting (AB)
12 Aug 2013 USA: Rochester prostitution stings take aim at johns (NY)
10 Aug 2013 USA: To fight prostitution, Buffalo tries humiliation (NY)
10 Aug 2013 USA: Florence police crack down on prostitution (SC)
07 Aug 2013 China: Four judges in prostitution scandal expelled from Party
21 Jul 2013 USA: Fairfax County prostitution bust nets 23 (VA) - Youtube
17 Jan 2012 USA: Sting nabs 200 johns (NY)
16 Dec 2011 Ireland: Prostitution sting set up to stop men soliciting schoolgirls
16 Dec 2011 USA: $500 penalty targets drivers who pick up Tampa prostitutes (FL)
07 Dec 2011 France: French move to ban prostitution by punishing clients
27 Sep 2011 Ireland: Criminalising men can cut prostitution, say visiting experts
23 Jun 2011 USA: Police, community group hope warning letters will curb prostitution (CA)
14 Jun 2011 Ireland: Garda strategy focuses on men soliciting prostitutes
03 May 2011 USA/Spain: Former Johns take stand against prostitution
03 May 2011 USA: Demand Change project
29 Apr 2011 Ireland: Doctors call for buying sex to be made illegal
24 Apr 2011 USA: 'Real men don't buy girls' video ads going viral
18 Apr 2011 USA: Anti-sex trade turns to focus on men who buy sex
14 Apr 2011 USA: Attacking the demand for child sex trafficking
14 Apr 2011 USA: Sex and the sun - Sex trafficking shatters young women’s lives
13 Apr 2011 France: May make it illegal to pay for sex
13 Apr 2011 USA: Victim - focus should be on men who pay prostitutes
11 Apr 2011 Asia/Pacific: "Punish the men who buy sex," say trafficked survivors
06 Oct 2010 Cambodia: Local men fuel child prostitution
30 Aug 2010 Ireland: 'Whether it hurts the women or not, the men don't care'
30 Jul 2010 Brazil: Demand fuelling child sex tourism
02 Jul 2010 UK/Sweden: Legalising prostitution is not the answer
25 Mar 2010 Iceland: Bans all strip clubs
08 Dec 2009 Scotland: New campaign aims to end prostitution by reducing demand
30 Aug 2008 Spain: Seville starts to crack down on prostitution
24 Jul 2008 USA: A school for Johns
28 Jun 2006 USA: Internet providers to combat child pornography
03 Nov 2005 USA/Europe: Leaders unite to protect children
27 Sep 2005 Russia: Calls made for crack down on vice
21 Sep 2005 Interpol: Turns to technology to fight child pornography
08 Sep 2005 Switzerland: Campaign targets online child pornography
16 Jun 2005 Europe: 13 countries raided in child pornography bust
31 Mar 2005 Europe: Online pedophilia up 300 percent
10 Feb 2005 Switzerland: Police sweep on child pornography ring
27 Jan 2005 Global site fights abuse
10 Jan 2005 Brazil: Tracking child pornographers over Internet
10 Nov 2004 East Asia & Pacific: Curbing demand for child sex
07 Oct 2004 Australia: Suicides follow child porn'y crackdown
22 Sep 2004 Norway: To block child pornography sites
20 Jul 2004 UK: Extent of child net pornography revealed
06 Jun 2004 UK: British Telecom blocks child pornography sites
15 May 2004 UK/Holland/Sweden: Streets apart
16 Jan 2004 Italy/USA: Child porn web sites up 70% in 2003
17 Dec 2003 Spain: 27 arrested in child pornography sweep
09 Dec 2003 NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)
04 Dec 2003 The Netherlands: Child pornography on the internet
02 Dec 2003 NZ: Govt introduces tougher child pornography laws

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