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Child Rape

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"The sexual abuse of children is the genocide of childhood innocence. Victims are robbed not only of their childhood, but of the person they truly could have become." Renee, incest survivor




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Publish Date Article Name
26 Sep 2013 England: Policeman charged with sex crimes against Asian children found hanged
25 Sep 2013 Australia: SA child sex offenders may be tracked
23 Sep 2013 England: Rolf Harris in court over assault charges
23 Sep 2013 USA: Activists want judge booted over rape case (MT)
22 Sep 2013 Australia: Tougher laws for NSW child sex offenders
22 Sep 2013 Pakistan: Rape and manhood
20 Sep 2013 Brazil: Why Brazil's rape narrative is similar to India
18 Sep 2013 India: Rape victim, 14, kills herself
17 Sep 2013 USA/UK: Man who wanted to rape, eat children gets 27 years
16 Sep 2013 Northern Ireland: 30 arrests made in child sex abuse investigation
16 Sep 2013 England-Europe/Asia/Canada/USA: Prolific paedophile who posed as Justin Bieber jailed
16 Sep 2013 Pakistan: On boil as increasing rape cases trigger outrage
16 Sep 2013 Pakistan: Outcry over gang-rape of 5yo girl
30 Aug 2013 China: Heavy penalties ordered for child sex offences
06 Jul 2013 Global: Web giants unite to stop child abuse
23 Jan 2013 Morocco: Law allowing rapists to marry underage victims to be changed
14 Mar 2012 Morocco: Rape victim forced to marry attacker commits suicide
14 Jan 2012 Australia: Porn blamed for children's problem sexual behaviour
12 Jan 2012 USA: Bill would restrict access to child porn in trials
27 Dec 2011 Zimbabwe: Rape/HIV by juveniles a growing concern
13 Jul 2011 USA: Child rape suspect allowed to watch child pornography in jail
07 May 2011 UK: Internet porn 'encourages sex offenders'
01 Dec 2009 USA: Porn use and child abuse
02 Aug 2006 Zimbabwe: UNICEF outraged at latest child rape
17 Jul 2006 Netherlands: Court rejects ban of paedophile party
03 Nov 2005 USA/Europe: Leaders unite to protect children
27 Sep 2005 Russia: Calls made for crack down on vice
27 Jan 2005 Global site fights abuse
01 Oct 2004 Australia: Child pornography research
18 Jun 2004 Canada: Holly's killer blames child pornography
17 Mar 2004 UK: Child pornography expert jailed for abusing girls
10 Feb 2004 UK: Children 'sold for sex on Net'
09 Feb 2004 USA: Child sex exploitation up 750% in 5 years
09 Dec 2003 NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)

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