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Historically, rape and sexual violence has been viewed as a "women's issue" or a "children's issue".
Rape and sexual violence is overwhelmingly a MEN'S issue - to own and to solve.


Rape/sexual violence against women & children:
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Child rape/sexual violence specifically:
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Publish Date Article Name
26 Sep 2013 England: Policeman charged with sex crimes against Asian children found hanged
25 Sep 2013 Australia: SA child sex offenders may be tracked
23 Sep 2013 India: Viral video satirizes rape, says It’s Women’s Fault (video linked)
23 Sep 2013 England: Rolf Harris in court over assault charges
23 Sep 2013 Australia: Aboriginal men take on violence
23 Sep 2013 USA: Activists want judge booted over rape case (MT)
22 Sep 2013 Australia: Tougher laws for NSW child sex offenders
22 Sep 2013 Pakistan: Rape and manhood
20 Sep 2013 Brazil: Why Brazil's rape narrative is similar to India
19 Sep 2013 India: Five accused in Mumbai gang-rape of photojournalist
19 Sep 2013 South Africa: Candid but shocking attitudes to rape revealed
18 Sep 2013 India: Rape victim, 14, kills herself
17 Sep 2013 USA/UK: Man who wanted to rape, eat children gets 27 years
16 Sep 2013 Northern Ireland: 30 arrests made in child sex abuse investigation
16 Sep 2013 England-Europe/Asia/Canada/USA: Prolific paedophile who posed as Justin Bieber jailed
16 Sep 2013 Pakistan: On boil as increasing rape cases trigger outrage
16 Sep 2013 Pakistan: Outcry over gang-rape of 5yo girl
30 Aug 2013 China: Heavy penalties ordered for child sex offences
28 Jun 2013 Global: Facebook to pull ads from pages with sex, violence
23 Jan 2013 Morocco: Law allowing rapists to marry underage victims to be changed
09 Dec 2012 USA/UK: Virgin Mobile US's 'rape joke' ad pulled
14 Mar 2012 Morocco: Rape victim forced to marry attacker commits suicide
26 Jan 2012 Somalia: Rape stalks helpless Somalis
18 Jan 2012 Brazil: Big Brother TV show mishandled its alleged rape case
15 Jan 2012 UN: Has it learned lessons of Bosnian sex slavery?
14 Jan 2012 Australia: Porn blamed for children's problem sexual behaviour
14 Jan 2012 Lebanon: Men and women march against rape, sexual harassment
13 Jan 2012 Australia: Military tainted by rape, child porn, sexual predation
13 Jan 2012 USA: Billions spent on priest sex abuse cases
12 Jan 2012 USA: Bill would restrict access to child porn in trials
11 Jan 2012 USA: Suspect in serial killings kept rape diary, officer says
08 Jan 2012 USA: Child sexual abuse cases in Hollywood attract attention
07 Jan 2012 Guayana: Jamaican cops arrive to probe rape allegations against Top Cop
06 Jan 2012 USA: U.S. expands definition of rape crimes
05 Jan 2012 Afghanistan: Child bride tortured after refusing prostitution
05 Jan 2012 USA: More rape charges at the Air Force Academy
02 Jan 2012 Sri Lanka/NZ: More rape incidents of tourists emerge
31 Dec 2011 India: Top cop links rape to fashion
30 Dec 2011 USA: Military rape policies don't fix problem
28 Dec 2011 Japan: Olympic Judo champ and national hero charged with teen rape
27 Dec 2011 Egypt: Bans forced virginity tests by military
27 Dec 2011 Zimbabwe: Rape/HIV by juveniles a growing concern
26 Dec 2011 USA: Young men mobilise to stop rape
23 Dec 2011 Bosnia: Angelina Jolie film lets Bosnia rape victims speak
23 Dec 2011 Cambodia: Russian paedophile granted Royal Pardon
19 Dec 2011 Germany: Shock at lenient sentence in "German Fritzl" incest case
17 Dec 2011 USA: Ralliers respond to fraternity rape survey
10 Dec 2011 Saudi Arabia: 2,080 lashes + 13 years prison for raping daughter
03 Dec 2011 NZ: Call to ditch jury trials in rape cases
30 Nov 2011 USA: Jersey Shore's Vinny G's rape rap slammed
18 Nov 2011 France: Strauss-Kahn woes grow with prostitution probe
10 Nov 2011 Israel: Moshe Katsav rape sentence upheld
06 Nov 2011 UK: Women bloggers threatened with rape
18 Jul 2011 NZ: Fears sex attacks will increase during Rugby World Cup
27 Jun 2011 Australia: Disabled rape 'too hard to prosecute'
27 Jun 2011 UAE: Shame of victims over sex attacks is letting child abuse thrive, say doctors
26 Jun 2011 Colombia: Prostitutes unite against child abuse
26 Jun 2011 India: 10-year-old gang raped and burnt alive
26 Jun 2011 Scotland: Hearts should sack Craig Thomson, says Children 1st charity chief
26 Jun 2011 UAE: New hotline to tackle sexual abuse
24 Jun 2011 Iran: Giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists
08 Jun 2011 India: Break silence on sexual abuse, film tells kids
23 May 2011 UK: Tory MEP reignites row over Kenneth Clarke rape remarks
19 May 2011 UK: Justice Secretary's rape "gaffes"
07 May 2011 UK: Internet porn 'encourages sex offenders'
04 May 2011 Ireland: Lobby groups condemn alleged garda 'rape' jokes as Ombudsman investigates
20 Apr 2011 Australia: Judiciary 'encouraging' paedophiles: Bravehearts
16 Apr 2011 Belgium: Asks Vatican to punish Bishop for abuse
14 Apr 2011 Alaska: Stopping sexual assaults against Native women
13 Apr 2011 USA: Woman sexually assaulted at Denver International Airport
12 Apr 2011 USA: Rap's rape culture - Ashley Judd had a point
09 Feb 2011 Bangladesh: 14 yo rape victim dies from public flogging
17 Jan 2011 UK: Children as young as 10 'groomed for sex by gangs'
26 Nov 2010 South Africa: Study - more than 1 in 3 men admit to rape
27 Oct 2010 Brazil: Rape suspect freed due to electoral law
24 Sep 2010 Philippines: Philippine dad convicted of rape gets 14,400 years
07 Sep 2010 Taiwan: Failure to prove lack of consent by 3-year old
03 Sep 2010 Australia/NZ: NZ serial rapist fuelled by Internet rape porn
25 Jan 2010 Bangladesh: Rape victim receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant
20 Nov 2009 UN: Ban launches Network of Men leaders to combat violence against women
14 Dec 2006 Pacific: Report on child sex abuse
03 Dec 2006 Nigeria: Rape by police/security forces endemic
19 Nov 2006 NZ/Global: Child rape an indictment on millions of men
27 Oct 2006 India: Abolishes husbands' 'right' to rape wife
20 Oct 2006 Russia: Putin's 'rape joke' played down
21 Aug 2006 Global: Paedophiles extend their reach
17 Jul 2006 Netherlands: Court rejects ban of paedophile party
15 May 2006 UK: Worried paedophiles call child abuse line
14 Apr 2006 South Africa: Trial brings rape into public view
05 Mar 2006 Vietnam: Glitter/paedophiles prowling SE Asia
02 Mar 2006 Pitcairn Island: Sex abusers appeal to Privy Council
07 Jan 2006 Iran: To hang teenage girl attacked by rapists
15 Dec 2005 The Gambia: Director urges better deal for children
04 Dec 2005 South Africa: Cops accused in child sex abuse
24 Oct 2005 Australia: Police forum on child abuse 'epidemic'
27 Sep 2005 Russia: Calls made for crack down on vice
27 Jul 2005 France: 62 convicted in paedophilia trial
19 Jul 2005 USA: Immigration makes 6,000 arrests in two years
12 Jul 2005 Iran: Most runaway girls raped within 24 hours
08 Jun 2005 India: Tsunami traps teens in wedlock
06 Jun 2005 USA: Satanist paedophile ring rape children
27 May 2005 Spain: Gruesome sex-abuse ring busted
30 Apr 2005 USA: Most sex offenders know their victims well
12 Mar 2005 France: Pedophilia suspects testify
08 Mar 2005 Cambodia: Sex crimes crisis
03 Mar 2005 USA: ICE arrests 5,000th predator
22 Feb 2005 Pakistan: Village council betroths 2-year-old
27 Jan 2005 Global site fights abuse
01 Jan 2005 USA: Incest and the Amish community
10 Dec 2004 Pakistan: Madrassas hit by sex abuse claims
28 Nov 2004 UK: Footballers' "roasting" of 15-year-old schoolgirl
16 Nov 2004 Scotland: Child sex offence convictions one in 50
05 Nov 2004 Sri Lanka: Ugly story
03 Nov 2004 Cambodia: Child sex shame
01 Oct 2004 Australia: Child pornography research
17 Sep 2004 USA: Operation Predator arrests top 4,000
25 Jul 2004 Pakistan: Mother of child-rape victim goes public
08 Jul 2004 Australia: Claims of police in pedophile rings
18 Jun 2004 Canada: Holly's killer blames child pornography
17 Jun 2004 Belgium: Dutroux guilty of child rape and murder
01 Jun 2004 Cambodia: Child rape & trafficking increasing
01 Jun 2004 Pakistan: 260 cases of child sexual abuse
17 Mar 2004 South Africa: Gang rape and prostitution
17 Mar 2004 UK: Child pornography expert jailed for abusing girls
24 Feb 2004 Belgium: Marc Dutroux trial
10 Feb 2004 Australia/Bali: Child sex network hits Bali
10 Feb 2004 UK: Children 'sold for sex on Net'
09 Feb 2004 USA: Child sex exploitation up 750% in 5 years
01 Feb 2004 Australia: Sex abuse of Aboriginal children
09 Dec 2003 NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)
03 Dec 2003 Ireland: Centre swamped by child sex cases

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