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Publish Date Article Name
26 Sep 2013 UAE: Declare rape in conflict zones a war crime
26 Sep 2013 Lebanon: Prostitution, sex abuse spread as Palestinian, Syrian refugee crisis worsens
17 Sep 2013 Syria: William Hague and Angelina Jolie call for an end to sexual violence
22 Aug 2013 England: Soldier Trevor Clark guilty of Bexhill sex attack
14 Jun 2013 Australia: Chief of Army tells troops to respect women or 'get out'
26 Jan 2012 Somalia: Rape stalks helpless Somalis
25 Jan 2012 USA: Sundance documentary examines rape in US military
15 Jan 2012 UN: Has it learned lessons of Bosnian sex slavery?
13 Jan 2012 Australia: Military tainted by rape, child porn, sexual predation
09 Jan 2012 Libya: Hidden deaths of Libyan rape survivors
05 Jan 2012 USA: More rape charges at the Air Force Academy
30 Dec 2011 USA: Military rape policies don't fix problem
23 Dec 2011 Bosnia: Angelina Jolie film lets Bosnia rape victims speak
24 Jun 2011 DR Congo: Mass rape in Fizi - '170 attacked'
17 May 2011 Rwanda genocide: Former army head Augustin Bizimungu jailed
17 Apr 2011 Libya: Gaddafi's men 'use rape as weapon of war'
14 Apr 2011 UN: Security Council criticised over rape in Libya
12 Apr 2011 Libya: Woman tells of her rape ordeal at the hands of Gaddafi's men
28 Mar 2011 Libya: Viagra and condoms found on dead pro-Gaddafi fighters
14 Jan 2010 South Korea: "Comfort Women" stage 900th protest
20 Nov 2009 UN: Ban launches Network of Men leaders to combat violence against women
19 Jun 2008 Sudan: Rape is just a way of life
15 Dec 2006 Sudan: George Clooney on Dafur
30 Nov 2006 Haiti/Liberia: UN troops face child abuse claims
13 Nov 2006 Congo: Wounds more vicious than rape
09 Jul 2006 Iraq: Americans charged over rape-murder
08 May 2006 Liberia: Sex-for-aid 'widespread'
22 Nov 2005 Sudan: Department of gang rape
25 Mar 2005 UN: Report reveals shame of peacekeepers
07 Mar 2005 Sudan: Rape and sexual violence ongoing
25 Feb 2005 UN: Fears peacekeepers' sex abuse widespread
18 Feb 2005 USA: The military's 'unmentionable topic'
12 Feb 2005 Congo: Explicit photos fan UN sex scandal
11 Jan 2005 UN: When peacemakers become predators
03 Jan 2005 Liberia: Exploitation of girls, in war-torn Africa
23 Nov 2004 Congo: 150 cases found in UN sex abuse inquiry
19 Jul 2004 Sudan: Amnesty condemns rapes
12 Jul 2004 Congo: Peacekeepers accused of sex abuse
25 May 2004 Congo: UN troops exploiting raped teen refugees
07 May 2004 Kosovo: Nato force 'feeds Kosovo sex trade'
11 Mar 2004 Sudan: Boy rape in Sudan

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