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Publish Date Article Name
22 Sep 2013 England: I used to love Page 3 – but the time has come to banish breasts from the Sun
28 Jun 2013 Global: Facebook to pull ads from pages with sex, violence
14 Jun 2013 Australia: Chief of Army tells troops to respect women or 'get out'
16 Apr 2013 Global: The Everyday Sexism Project - a year of shouting back
12 Dec 2012 USA: "I was in beauty pageants as a child"
09 Dec 2012 USA/UK: Virgin Mobile US's 'rape joke' ad pulled
18 Jan 2012 Brazil: Big Brother TV show mishandled its alleged rape case
14 Jan 2012 Lebanon: Men and women march against rape, sexual harassment
13 Jan 2012 Australia: Military tainted by rape, child porn, sexual predation
27 Dec 2011 Egypt: Bans forced virginity tests by military
17 Dec 2011 USA: Ralliers respond to fraternity rape survey
30 Nov 2011 Australia: Top law firm settles sexual harassment case
30 Nov 2011 USA: Jersey Shore's Vinny G's rape rap slammed
19 Nov 2011 USA: Lawsuit - Porn made for hostile workplace
06 Nov 2011 UK: Women bloggers threatened with rape
15 Sep 2011 UK: Misogyny now so commonplace it's mundane
03 Jun 2011 France: Strauss-Kahn affair prompts backlash against French sexism
18 May 2011 USA: Yale suspends embattled frat for sexist chants
06 May 2011 Australia: Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella wants new advertising watchdog
04 May 2011 Ireland: Lobby groups condemn alleged garda 'rape' jokes as Ombudsman investigates
12 Apr 2011 USA: Editorial - In defense of Ashley Judd by Kevin Powell
12 Apr 2011 USA: Rap's rape culture - Ashley Judd had a point
07 Dec 2010 UK: Stores selling 'porn star' tops, lap-dancing kits for kids to be fined
06 Dec 2010 UK: David Cameron orders review into sexualised products for children
06 May 2010 UK: Outrage at Danny Dyer's 'sick' advice column in Zoo magazine
05 May 2010 UK: Danny Dyer row... what about the rest of Zoo?
25 Mar 2010 Iceland: Bans all strip clubs
26 Feb 2010 UK: Clamp down on lads' mags to avoid 'pornification' of society, says study
04 Jan 2010 Global/Aust/UK: Boys who see porn more likely to harass girls
20 Oct 2008 Global/USA: The cruel boredom of pornography
20 Oct 2006 Russia: Putin's 'rape joke' played down
17 Dec 2005 NZ: Link seen to video games in prostitute's murder (Canterbury)

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