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NZ: Sex offender played out fantasies (Waikato)

Publish Date: 07 Jun 2011
Source: Waikato Times
By: Nicola Brennan-Tupara

Offender sentenced.

A paedophile detailed the gratuitous sexual fantasies he wanted to play out with his six-year-old victim in a diary he kept hidden under his bed.

For three years those fantasies crossed over into reality, as Roy James Phillips, 28, played out some of the acts with his victim.

In Hamilton District Court last week that behaviour, described by Crown prosecutor Jess Tarrent as "predatory, premeditated and repeated" caught up with him.

Phillips closed his eyes and took a deep breath as Judge Denise Clark denied him a sentence of home detention, instead sending him to jail for two years.

He'd earlier pleaded guilty to three charges of doing an indecent act on a child, one of attempting to do an indecent act and one of doing an indecent act intended to offend.

The court was told Phillips had abused his victim's and her family's trust over the long period of offending.

Tarrent said Phillips kept a diary in which he detailed the sexual fantasies he wanted to act out with the girl.

The fantasies became more detailed and lewd as the diary progressed.

She said the diary showed a high degree of grooming.

"Most members of the community would find it abhorrent that an adult would have sexual thoughts and be attracted to a child," she said.

Clark said home detention was out of the question due to the repetition and length of time the offending went on.

Phillips was assessed as having a moderate chance of re-offending.

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