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NZ: Father's rape sentence appeal rejected (Auckland)

Publish Date: 28 May 2011
Source: The Dominion Post

New Zealand Courts.

An Auckland man who ruled his family with an iron fist told them a father having sex with his daughter was considered natural in many cultures, including ancient Egypt.

The man said his daughter agreed to have sex with him – or he had reasonable grounds for believing she consented – but a jury decided it was rape.

The Court of Appeal has dismissed his appeal against an 18-year jail term for the offences against two of his daughters.

The court said the man, who was not identified, and his wife came to New Zealand in the late 1980s with their eldest daughter. It did not say where the family was from.

The father started abusing his elder daughter when she was about 13, first raped her when she was 15, and continued to offend against her three to five times a week for the next 11 years until she left home at age 26 and told other family members what had happened.

The man did not deny what had been happening but said there was nothing wrong with what he had done, that it was natural in many cultures and it was common practice in ancient Egypt, for instance.

Police did not become involved until his younger daughter said he had been indecently touching her too. He pleaded guilty to the charges against the younger girl but at his trial in relation to the older daughter he said he thought she was consenting to the sex acts.

At his sentencing in Manukau District Court last July, the judge had said all the man's family were afraid of him and he ruled the house with an iron fist.

Both daughters declined to give victim impact statements.

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