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NZ: Murderer, rapist remains behind bars (Wellington)

Publish Date: 07 Dec 2011
Source: The Dominion Post

DENIED PAROLE: Peter Howse continues to deny any sexual offending. Photo/Fairfax

Convicted murderer, rapist and former Wellington removal man Peter Howse has been denied parole again.

Howse, 62, was sentenced to preventive detention in 1999. He was given the open-ended prison sentence after being found guilty of a third sex attack while on parole for the 1982 murder of his girlfriend, Susan Keenan, in Palmerston North.

Judge Michael Crosbie said in today's parole decision that Howse continued to deny his crimes and remained an untreated sex offender.

At his last parole hearing in November 2010, board members described him as being at a ''very high risk'' of reoffending, noting his violent lifestyle, criminal personality, criminal attitudes, use of weapons, substance abuse and lack of insight.

Judge Crosbie said in today's decision it was the board's view that Mr Howse had made no progress at all since the 2010 hearing.

''That, of course, is for obvious reasons because he refuses to admit his offending while on parole and remains as an untreated sex offender.''

He was declined parole and a postponement order was made meaning Howse will not be seen by the board for another three more years.

Howse has almost 80 convictions dating back to the early 1960s. Many of those convictions are for assaults on women.

In 1991, along with his younger brother Bruce, he kidnapped and indecently assaulted a 17-year-old girl on the outskirts of Palmerston North.

In 2002, Bruce Howse was jailed for life with a minimum 28-year non-parole period for the murder of his step-daughters, Saliel Aplin, 12, and Olympia Jetson, 11.

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