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UK/Ireland: 84 arrested in sex trafficking operation

Publish Date: 21 Jun 2006

Source: Ireland On-Line

84 rescued in Anglo-Irish sex trafficking police operation

A four-month police crackdown to identify women and girls trafficked into the sex industry has rescued 84 people, including a girl of 14, it was announced today.

Operation Pentameter involved all 55 police forces in the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

It led to 232 arrests and has so far resulted in 134 charges. In all 12 children aged 14-17 were rescued.

Officers executed warrants in 515 brothels, massage parlours, private homes and other premises across the UK and Ireland.

Police chiefs have said women snared by human traffickers can be forced to have sex with up to 40 men a day by violent pimps.

About half of the rescued women and girls came from a range of Eastern European countries, with the other half from the Far East, Africa and South America.

A Pentameter spokeswoman said there was an “emerging trend” for child victims from Africa and South America.

Officers working on the crackdown asked men who use prostitutes to be on the look out for women who may have been lured in to the sex trade against their will, and guaranteed that clients who tipped them off would not face prosecution.

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