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USA: 'Real men don't buy girls' video ads going viral

Publish Date: 24 Apr 2011
Source: Digital Journal
By: K J Mullins

"Are you a real man? If you are you would never buy a girl." That's the message of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's latest venture battling the growing trend of human trafficking, called Real Men Don't Buy Girls.
Slavery. It's a word that should make everyone cringe. In the 21st century humans are being bought and sold by the millions. Each year two million children are forced into a life of sexual servitude. The average entry into the commercial sex trade is 13.
It's big business. Those who take in the money are rolling in the dough. A young girl can make their pimp over $150,000 a year. She does the work, the pimp takes the money and uses force to keep it multiplying. Globally the sex slavery market brings in $32 billion. That's $10 billion more than Ontario has budgeted for educating all of the children in the province.
For some reason people believe that in North America we are above passing humans around like cattle. That is far from the truth. Abraham Lincoln may have signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 but that's not stopped the illegal use of slaves. In neighbourhoods spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean young children, men and women are being sold. The 'product' is often marketed using social media. The 'buyers' are generally your basic Joe Blow down the way who's married to Betty Lou. The police don't have these men on their radar because for the most part there is no criminal history.
Police agencies are getting better at catching those who are shopping on the Internet for sex but it often takes a tip for an investigation to begin. Those out looking for a little girl to bed aren't offering those tips. When ordinary citizens accidentally come across what appears to be questionable activity they aren't sure on how to report it. Calling the police is the right move but it can be easier to look away, ignore it and not get involved.
Kutcher and Moore are not looking away. They are fighting using the very medium that many of the predators use: social media. They founded The Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA) to raise awareness about child sex slaves. They are now promoting their cause with the hopes that one day slavery will be abolished.

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