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NZ: Stop Demand Foundation launches website (Auckland)

Publish Date: 09 Dec 2003
Source: Media Release
By: Save the Children New Zealand

Stop Demand Foundation.

Save the Children will fund the setting up of a website to educate the public and provide information about all forms of sexual violence against New Zealand children.

Save the Children has given a $3150 grant to the Stop Demand Foundation in Auckland who will design the website.

Foundation spokesperson Denise Ritchie said today that the Foundation had been established as a separate legal entity to work alongside ECPAT NZ (End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking).

“The Stop Demand Foundation focuses on all forms of sexual violence against children, looking at it from the “demand” aspect.

“We believe that in order to reduce or eliminate sexual violence against children, the community must address underlying beliefs and attitudes which view children as sexual objects.

“The website will raise awareness of our work and increase public awareness of the extent of sexual violence against children in New Zealand.

“For example, government figures reveal that in the past ten year period (1992-2001) 78% of all sex crimes resulting in convictions were perpetrated against victims aged 16 years and younger, with 45% of all such sex crimes being perpetrated against victims aged 11 years and younger.

“We hope that increased awareness will pave the way for future educational campaigns aimed at reducing sexual violence against children in New Zealand.”

Save the Children New Zealand’s Small Grants Fund was set up in 2002 to provide funding to local and national organisations working in the best interests of children.

Save the Children’s Auckland Branch President Pam Smith said today that she was pleased a local organisation received the grant, which would benefit all New Zealand children.

For more information on the Small Grants Fund visit or email
For more information contact Denise Ritchie on 09 846 4693 or Pam Smith on 09 570 4348.