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UK: Footballers' "roasting" of 15-year-old schoolgirl

Publish Date: 28 Nov 2004

Source: News of the World UK
By Clive Goodman

Truth about soccer's evil little secret 

A SLOW, crafty smile crept over the face of one of the accused in a Premiership roasting scandal.

Seconds earlier he'd heard the accusations against him and his pals were to be dropped.

"Lov-er-ley," leered the soccer hanger-on, rubbing his palms on his thighs. "Business as usual this weekend then."

And, accordng to a footballer involved in another roasting scandal, ‘business as usual' in the world of overpaid, under-brained professional soccer means this:

"You'll find a girl, or more likely she'll find you, and you know straight off she's up for it. Then it's into the VIP lounge, lots of champagne. No one forced anyone to do anything.

"And if they weren't up for it they wouldn't be there would they?"

That thought was probably going through the minds of five footballers at Kingston Crown Court last week.

Cleared of actually raping a teenage fan, their explanation was so shocking the judge would not allow the jury to consider it.


Their version of events? That a 15-year-old schoolgirl had "consented" to a 24-hour roasting orgy with four of the five men.

Never mind that her background of abuse made this confused, vulnerable child easy prey for sexual predators who passed her around like a piece of meat.

Forget, if you can, that she was underage and could not lawfully give her consent to sex.

No, she'd consented.

In court, from behind a grey curtain to protect her identity, her child-like sing-song voice was so hushed the jury had to strain to hear every word.

But her evidence was so flawed and uncertain, it halted the trial.

Terrell Forbes, 23, Shane Sutherland, 21, Darren Wallace, 23, Philip Mighton, 23, and Ashley Campbell, 21, grinned as they were told they were free to go.

All but Wallace had admitted having sex with the girl. But on the judge's direction the jury had to find the five not guilty of rape.

But the girl's ‘consent' to what the judge described as a "gang bang" is a common claim in the sickening world of the football roast.

Like victims of paedophiles, the girls are hand-picked and prepared. Their gullibility and eagerness to please the players marks them out for a careful softening-up process.

In their teens or early 20s, they have already blown what to them is a small fortune getting into the nightclubs where their idols hang out.

Then they hover around the VIP area hoping to catch the eye of a player who might take a shine to them. One clubber who knows the roasting scene said: "They see these footballers as a meal ticket and a possible route to fame, but the reality is very different. The players regard them as slags, but if they are up for it, the players think ‘fine-why not?'

"The girls don't have to spend a penny and are overwhelmed by the wealth and the glamour.

"The players go out with wads of fifties. They just go to the bank beforehand and literally draw out a huge bundle of £50 notes to hand out.

"Then, as soon as the players have scented the girls least likely to say no, it's down to business. They ask direct questions like ‘Do you want to come back to the hotel?'

"Or another way, one of them starts kissing them and another will start feeling her up. If they don't mind, it's on."

By the time the girls get back to the hotel, or flat, they're so dazzled by money, glamour and power it's too late.

What the victims won't know is that when they use hotels the players have already secured six or seven rooms. They then invite other mates back and by then a girl doesn't stand a chance.

The clubber went on: "Up to six men can be all over her at the same time. The girls are usually drunk and by now they just want it over and done with."


Almost exactly a year ago, two Premiership players and two hangers-on were accused of raping a 17-year-old fan in London's exclusive Grosvenor Hotel. Their defence was she'd given consent and no charges were brought.

A year on, last week's trial shows how little progress has been made in reining in the animal behaviour of the sport's tarnished stars.

Defender Terrell Forbes returned to Grimsby Town last week after being cleared.

He was not in the squad for Friday night's match. Not, however, because of debauchery described by the trial judge as "wholly disgraceful."

According to Grimsby "he hadn't trained for three weeks" and wasn't match fit.

Seafood firm Young's fork out a fortune to sponsor the club. In return they get to see their logo splashed across Forbes's chest. How do they feel about having their image endorsed by someone like him?

But any sense of shame was far from the main concern of Forbes and his co-defendants this weekend.

They had barely finished a victory dance on the court steps on Thursday before calling their agents. Now they have their eyes on a fat £70,000 fee for the story of their ‘ordeal'.

The truly shocking conclusion is that not one of them believes they have done anything wrong.

A Premiership source said: "Nobody long as the fans and the sponsors keep the money rolling in." 

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Nov 28, 2004
Source: Sunday Mirror UK
By Maggie O'Riordan



THE schoolgirl who was "roasted" by a gang of footballers last night revealed how she tried to kill herself twice after her group sex ordeal.

Angie Jones said she was taken to a dingy bedsit by a boyfriend and passed around for sex by the cheering men who behaved like a "pack of animals".

Angie, who was just 15 at the time, told Kingston Crown Court she was left bleeding and in agony after up to 12 men took turns to have sex with her. She said some of the gang smoked cannabis through a pipe and played porn and "snuff" movies as they passed the naked girl around.

She was devastated when the judge threw the case out last week, deciding that her evidence was unreliable and inconsistent, although he condemned the men's behaviour as "wholly disgraceful" and said it amounted to a "gang bang".

Speaking for the first time since the five players, including ex-Queens Park Rangers star Terrell Forbes, were cleared of rape, Angie said she was haunted by memories of that night in March. Close to tears, she said: "There have been times when I wanted to end it all because I'm struggling to live with what happened that night. I think I would be better off dead."

Angie, now 16, said she had tried to commit suicide twice - by throwing herself from the roof of a block of flats and overdosing on tablets. She also slashed her arms with razor blades in a fit of despair.

She added: "Now I am living under the care of social services. I had no problems like this before that night."

Angie - not her real name - had endured six days in the witness box during the trial and she is now distraught. Her story presents a frightening insight into the seedy soccer scene of group sex or "roasting".

She says she went to the bedsit in Brockley, South East London, on March 4 after being invited by former QPR player Shane Sutherland, whom she had met a few months earlier.

The pair had previously had sex together three times - he believed she was 17. Shane and another man picked up Angie from a youth club at 10pm and they drove to the Brockley flat of jobless Philip Mighton.

Angie says: "Shane used to pick me up alone so I was surprised he had another guy with him. We arrived at the flat and Shane stood on the steps and put his hand in my knickers. He said I had to 'get straight into this' when we got inside. I was thinking 'straight into what?' There were about four men in the flat and suddenly Shane was taking all my clothes off. I was confused and didn't know what to do.

"The next thing I knew we were in a room. There were four other men in the room. I was stripped down to just my socks and one man got his penis out and waved it in my face. I was pushed onto my back and this guy put his penis in my mouth. Then there were bodies everywhere. I think my brain just shut down and refused to register what was happening. It was madness. Looking back, I think I was in shock."

The court was told that throughout the night various men turned up at the flat after they were called by their friends and asked if they wanted some "dessert".

Angie says: "I couldn't believe what was happening. In my head I was counting and 12 men had sex with me, one after the other. At one point they gave me the cannabis pipe and told me to inhale it. They kept telling me to relax and chill whenever I got up to find my clothes and phone. They were laughing and cheering each other on, saying 'Go on! Go on! They were like a pack of animals.

"I was exhausted and confused. Whenever I tried to get up my legs were so weak as a result of all the sex and the drugs. They were playing awful films - one showed babies' heads being cut open. There were also 'snuff' movies with people being killed. It was a nasty, horrible, evil scene. They were all laughing and joking. They did not see me as a human being."

She claims that one man filmed her performing a sex act on his friend. Another man pointed a video camera at her as he had sex with her. "He was telling me to say 'hi' and act happy and I just went along with it." She says at one point a bottle was inserted into her vagina, causing her to bleed. "That hurt so much. The bottle hit a bone inside me and one of them shouted 'Did you hear that? It hit a bone!' I couldn't believe it. That night seemed to go on forever. It wasn't until the next morning that I managed to text a friend and tell her 12 men had had sex with me."

During the night, most of the men left and Angie finally drifted off to sleep. The following day, she woke up next to a man. Some of the men returned to the flat during the day. One gave Angie £15 and she left in a taxi around 4pm. She reported the incident to police and was examined by doctors. The medical revealed she had suffered bruising, a friction burn on her spine and evidence of sexual intercourse.

She led police to the flat where they discovered condoms in an outside bin, Viagra, herbal cannabis, a cosh and a drug pipe. DNA samples taken from the flat suggested there were more than six men present. Some of the men told police Angie had consented to sex.

The men were charged and the court case began two weeks ago. But on Thursday, Grimsby Town defender Forbes, 23, ex-QPR player Sutherland, 21, Tooting and Mitcham player Darren Wallace, 23, Philip Mighton, 23, and Ashley Campbell, 21, were told by the judge they were free to go after ruling Angie's evidence "unreliable". They had all denied rape.

Their acquittal came a day after a sixth man, former Charlton Athletic player Kevin George, was cleared of rape on the judge's instructions. Judge Michael Hucker condemned their conduct as "wholly disgraceful" and said it amounted to a "gang-bang". Defence barristers said she was a "fantasist" and that she had failed to run away from the flat the following day when only one gang member was left, and he was asleep. It was also said she had sent texts to friends but did not mention she was being held against her will.

Angie screamed and sobbed after hearing the case had been thrown out. She now insists: "I was just 15 and never wanted to have sex with 12 men. Everyone told me I was brave to go to court and give evidence, but I was tripped up every step of the way. The case was thrown out before the footballers had to give evidence so no one knows what they would have said.

"I felt like I was on trial. My character was ripped apart, not theirs. They are all celebrating now whereas I have been made to feel cheap and nasty. No one seems bothered that these men were having sex with me when I was under-age."

Since that night in March Angie has twice tried to commit suicide. "My whole life has gone really downhill. I have wanted to end it all. In May I jumped from a roof of some flats but somehow landed on a balcony.

"Soon afterwards I took a load of tablets. I fell asleep but woke up and was violently sick. I cut my arms with razor blades and have been admitted to hospital for mental problems.

"I never wanted to go to court because I was frightened of the repercussions but I kept getting told I had a really strong case. I was nervous every day giving evidence. I just sat there shredding tissues. Sometimes I use slang and I felt they didn't understand what I was saying. I just felt no one was listening to me."

She adds: "Before that night I had only slept with two boys. Shane was older than me and good-looking and I was flattered by the attention he gave me. He was never nasty or rough with me sexually. I called him Sexy Shane." In court Angie was quizzed over a fantasy of bedding a group of footballers. But she says: "Shane used to ask me my fantasies and I never used to know what to say. I never said I wanted to go with footballers."

Looking back on her ordeal, she says: "I thought I was far more streetwise than I am. Now I have to put this whole thing behind me. I am going to go back to school to pass my exams and hopefully go to university.

"I have a boyfriend now who is nice and the same age as me. I have learned the hard way to choose my friends more carefully."

  • Angie Jones is not the girl's real name. We have changed it for legal reasons.

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