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Spain: Gruesome sex-abuse ring busted

Publish Date: 27 May 2005

Source: EFE News Service

Gruesome Sex-Abuse Ring Busted in Spain 

With the arrest of five men in several cities, Spanish police have broken up a "horrifying" ring dedicated to the sexual abuse of infants, one of whose members offered his services as a babysitter and used the online alias "Nanysex."

Police said Thursday that a big break in the case came with the enhancement to a legible degree a train ticket grasped in the hand of an infant as he was raped by two men, a violation filmed and distributed clandestinely via Internet.

One of the men under arrest is Alvaro I.G., 23, who goes by the alias Nanysex and offered his services as a babysitter as a means of gaining access to very young children.

Dozens of babies and children were taped as they were abused, nine of them by members of this particular gang, which traded the rape scenes over the Web.

The images, which police described as "horrifying," were taped in Spain and distributed through clandestine Internet channels.

Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso said at a press conference that during the many years he served as a judge he saw many things, but he never saw anything of such "brutality."

Alonso said that the operation had broken up the "basic structure" of the group, but he added that the network could have other branches and therefore the investigation would continue.

Shopkeepers in the neighborhood where Alvaro I.G. worked expressed surprise at his arrest. One local businessman, Pedro Martinez, the owner of a travel agency, described him as "a normal young man, very nice."

Arrested in the province of Murcia, in southeast Spain, were Alvaro I.G., accused of sexual assault on minors; Antonio O.M., 43, charged with possession and distribution of child pornography; and Jose C.C., 39, charged with covering up a crime and possession of child pornography.

Eduardo S.M., alias "Todd," 23, a computer specialist residing in Lerida, was arrested in Barcelona, in northeast Spain, on sexual assault charges, while in Orense, in the northwest, Jose G.C., 24, was taken into custody and charged with sexually assaulting minors.

Alerted by Interpol, in February Spanish police uncovered an Internet network that produced and traded photos and videotapes of babies being raped, and identified a frequent participant who went by the name Nanysex and was previously known from the testimony of pedophiles in custody.

Analysis of the images established they had been taken in Spain, as one infant was seen holding a commuter train ticket purchased from a machine at Madrid's Atocha station in January 2004.

Another tape showed a towel from La Paz hospital, which serves Madrid's northern suburbs, and a keyboard model with the letter ( that is only sold in Spain, as well as other details that suggested it had been shot in northern Madrid.

The clues launched the search for Nanysex with the support of Madrid's municipal police, health centers, schools and child protection service, and his movements were tracked on the Internet to Spain's Murcia region.

The different Web sites involved suggested Nanysex repaired and configured computers' Internet access and posted his pictures as he was working on his customers' computers.

Investigations honed in on a location from which Nanysex went online several times: a shop that sold computer components in the city of Murcia.

Police also located in Collado-Villalba, 40 kilometers (25 miles) northwest of Madrid, the apartment where the baby on the tapes had been abused and where Alvaro I.G. lived between August 2003 and February 2004, and enhanced a videotape on the Web where his face appeared for an instant.

Police were able to identify the infant appearing in the images and discover his family had also moved to Murcia. O.M., police concluded Nanysex had sexually assaulted at least six other children aged 1-5, taped the scenes and broadcast them over the Internet.

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