Man Up! Take the Pledge

What's the Man Up! Pledge?

The Man Up! Pledge is a Declaration by men who -

1. Acknowledge that sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and girls is widespread, shatters lives, does not take place in a vacuum, and is a men's issue to address and solve.

2. Reject and denounce all forms of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and girls. 
3. Agree to be proactive - to speak up, to speak out, to assist other men to "connect the dots" between commonly-held attitudes/beliefs/behaviours and harm, and to encourage one another to make better choices.


Making your Declaration.

Step 1:   Read the Man Up! Pledge - a copy is below.   
Step 2:   Print the  downloadable pdf, complete it, sign it and display it.
Step 3:   Let us know, by filling out the form in the column to the right.     
Step 4:   Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a List of like-minded men.


The Man Up! Pledge - for individuals. 


♦♦♦ Pledge ♦♦♦

This is a Declaration of Who I Am and Who I Choose to Be:

1. I WILL RESPECT all women as equals.
2. I WILL ENGAGE only in sexual conduct that is mutual and respectful.
3. I WILL SPEAK UP to oppose sexism, jokes or talk that denigrates women, recognising that silence is collusive.
4. I WILL NOT ACCESS pornography, recognising it as sexual exploitation.
5. I WILL NOT VISIT clubs and bars that exploit women through ‘exotic’ dancing.
6. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in any form of sexual harassment including sexual insinuations and non-consensual physical contact.
7. I WILL NOT BUY sex from women or children, recognising that prostitution is harmful.
8. I REJECT ALL FORMS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE against women and children including sexual assault, incest, date rape, marital rape, and rape in war.
9. I RECOGNISE that all of the above are within my, and other men’s, control, are not inevitable and can cease.
10. I WILL ENCOURAGE other men to adopt and live by this code including teaching it to my children.

Signature:                                            Date:

MEN... making better choices.

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The Man Up! Pledge - for groups.

For the Man Up! Pledge for men's groups and corporates, click here.

What next?


1.   Fill out the Form.
If you haven't done so, fill out the form at the top right column and join the list of men from around the world who have taken the Man Up! Pledge.
2. Send a Link.
As part of your commitment to be proactive, why not send links to the How Evolved Are You? and the Man Up! Pledge webpages to:



- Significant men in your life - friends, brothers, sons, father, relatives, colleagues, boss/es.  Encourage your workplace and your local men's groups to adopt the Man Up! Pledge for Men's Groups & Corporates
- Significant women in your life, to forward them to the men in their lives.
- Your social networking sites.

3. Get Active.
Check out our Get Active page for Men, for ideas.
4. Become a Supporter.
If you would like to add Stop Demand to the list of organisations you support, that would be great.  Individual donors are vital to our work.  You can donate here.        

Men who have agreed to Man Up! and be counted - thanks guys!


Man Up! Pledge

Signatories since 24 January 2012

This page is updated manually on a regular basis.


No. Signed Name Country Age Bracket

96. Apr 2021 Andy Church United Kingdom 40s
95. Jun 2020 Jonathan Ferguson
United Kingdom 30s
94. Jul 2019 Hemang Sharma India 20s
93. Nov 2018 Toheeb Nigeria 20s
92. Aug 2018 Gabriel USA 20s
91. Apr 2018 Andrew Picard New Zealand 40s
90. Apr 2018 Ken Keyte New Zealand 50s
89. Apr 2018 C Wood New Zealand 50s
88. Apr 2018 Steven Goulstone New Zealand 30s
87. Apr 2018 Mark Stewart Denmark 50s
86. Apr 2018 Anthony Rimell
New Zealand 50s
85. Jan 2018 Khurram Pakistan 30s
84. Jan 2018 Kyle Case USA 20s
83. Dec 2017 Trevor Alvut USA 30s
82. Nov 2017 Shivananda HN India 20s
81. Oct 2017 James Wright Australia 30s
80. Aug 2017 Eric Thailand 40s
79. Aug 2017 Bryan Johnson New Zealand 60s
78. Jun 2017 Jan L Czech Republic  30s
77. Jun 2017 Steve Lane UK  40s
76. Oct 2016 Kelvin Davis New Zealand 40s
75. Sep 2016 Victor S Brazil 20s
74. Sep 2016 Rory Birkbeck New Zealand 30s
73. Jun 2016 Tim Wiesehan New Zealand 50s
72. Jun 2016 Grady Y USA 40s
71. Apr 2016  Nils  Australia 40s
70. Jan 2016  Paul A Travaglione USA 60s
69. Nov 2015 Ronald Singapore 30s
68. Nov 2015 Sean Rice Australia 40s
67. Aug 2015 Alfred Yun USA 20s
66. Aug 2015 Christopher Bueker  USA 20s
65. Jun 2015 Matt Little New Zealand <20
64. Jun 2015 John D Bosley USA 40s
63. May 2015 Rick48 Australia 70s
62. Jan 2015 Ken King USA 50s
61. Oct 2014 Mark Acker USA 30s
60. Oct 2014 Eli McArthur USA 20s
59. Aug 2014 Peter Mihaere New Zealand  50s
58. Jul 2014 Josh F England 40s
57. Jul 2014 Mike Shaw New Zealand 50s
56. Jul 2014 Eric USA  50s
55. Apr 2014 Malcolm Sproull New Zealand 60s
54. Apr 201 Jim Coles USA 50s
53. Mar 2014 Karol L Poland 20s
52. Mar 2014 Chris Marder USA 20s
51. Feb 2014 Mark Thompson New Zealand 20s
50. Feb 2014 Terry Shechter  USA 50s
49. Jan 2014  Richard Kerridge Australia 60s
48. Jan 2014 Wm Paul Young
USA 50s
47. Dec 2013 Jez Meninga USA  <20 
46. Nov 2013 Bill K New Zealand 80s
45. Nov 2013 Brad Jones New Zealand 20s
44. Sep 2013 Nigel Owen New Zealand 30s
43. Aug 2013 Laurie Stevens New Zealand 40s
42. Aug 2013 Günter Germany 40s
41. Aug 2013 Richard Binks New Zealand 40s
40. Jul 2013 Darren Elkington New Zealand  40s
39. Jul 2013 Richard Barnett  New Zealand 50s
38. Jul 2013 Pete Mullenger New Zealand 50s
37. Jul 2013 Ian Southwell Australia  70s
36. May 2013 Mike S New Zealand 30s
35. May 2013 Jordan Jones New Zealand 20s
34. May 2013 Andrew Picard New Zealand 30s
33. May 2013 George Wieland New Zealand 50s
32. May 2013 Gilo Ambrose Brima Sierra Leone 40s
31. Apr 2013 Greg Asciutto USA 20s
30. Mar 2013 Kenneth Jones USA 50s
29. Jan 2013 Josh C USA 20s
28. Jan 2013  Rus Ervin Funk USA 40s
27. Nov 2012 Chetan M India 20s
26. Oct 2012 Rob Kilpatrick New Zealand  60s
25. Aug 2012 Basil Subritzky New Zealand 70s
24. Apr 2012 Chris Chandler USA 40s
23. Apr 2012 Swarup Dangar India 20s
22. Mar 2012 Simon B  New Zealand 40s
21. Mar 2012 David Canada 20s
20. Mar 2012 Steve Bell Canada 50s
19. Mar 2012 anonymous Canada 20s
18. Mar 2012 Ryley Canada 20s
17. Mar 2012 Ted H Canada 40s
16. Mar 2012 Samuel Canada 20s
15. Mar 2012 Stan Burditt Canada 60s
14. Mar 2012 Damon J USA 40s
13. Mar 2012 frothquaffer Oman 50s
12. Mar 2012  Kenemy Kris  Canada  20s
11.  Feb 2012 Caleb  USA 30s
10. Jan 2012 Chris New Zealand 50s
9. Jan 2012 Garth New Zealand 60s
8. Jan 2012 Deacon John Green  USA  40s
7. Jan 2012 Brady Shuert USA 30s
6. Jan 2012 Neil New Zealand 50s
5. Jan 2012 Brian Iselin Austria 40s
4. Jan 2012 Neville Robertson New Zealand 60s
3. Jan 2012 Giovanni Marotta Peru 30s
2. Jan 2012 Lance Ritchie USA 50s
1. Jan 2012 Mike Pinkney New Zealand 60s

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The “MAN UP! Pledge was inspired by "My Code: What it is to be a manby Brian Iselin, international human trafficking expert.  It was adapted, with permission. 

Brian's message to men -

"... We can still run a hundred miles, we can still watch the footy, we can continue to barbecue, we can even still not take too seriously the clothes we buy. We are not talking about making men less masculine, but deciding that it is both a strength and a virtue to not prey on and abuse others."