Worldwide there is a growing number of campaigns that seek to challenge male demand for prostitution, which is the driving force behind sex trafficking.  If there were no demand, there would be no supply.  

"It is meaningless to separate demand for prostitution from demand for prostitution provided by trafficked persons." source p.iv.

Campaigns that involve billboards, posters, PSAs (public service announcements), videoclips and other media can be a powerful tool in raising awareness and educating.  Without blaming or shaming all men, we do encourage all men to stop, pause and think how they might contribute positively to stopping widespread sexual violence, exploitation and denigration.  Men are the key to change.

For campaign ideas, check out the following.


Campaigns targeting male demand that fuels sex trafficking of women and children generally


Spain: "Are you worth that little that you have to pay?" campaign.
By Seville City Hall, Seville. More
Canada: "Buying sex is not a sport" campaign.
By REED, Vancouver. More


UK: "Walk in a punter, walk out a rapist.
By British Home Office.  More
 India: "Confront the demand for human trafficking!" By Apne Aap. More
France: "You’re a client?" campaign.
By Mouvement du Nid, Clichy. More



Do you know of a campaign that targets male demand fuelling sex trafficking?
If so, email us with a link. 


USA: "Supply & demand"campaign.
By CAASE, Chicago. More
Ireland: "Turn off the red light" campaign.
By an alliance of Irish organisations. More











Campaigns targeting demand that fuels sex trafficking of children and youth


USA:  "Real men don't buy girls" PSAs. By DNA (Demi Moore & Ashton Kercher Foundation. More
USA:  "Dear John" campaign.
By the Mayor's Office, Atlanta City.
Cambodia: "Abuse a child in this country, go to jail in yours"  campaign.
By World Vision. More


USA: "This man wants to rent your daughter" campaign.
By Shared Hope. More 
Canada: "Man to Man" campaign.
By Beyond Borders, Winnipeg. More

USA: "Kids are not for sale" truckers campaign.
By The Defenders, Shared Hope. More
Greece/EU: "The Men: The Demand".
By The NO Project. More




Putting it bluntly...

 Does your organisation believe that global sex trafficking equates to mass serial raping of women and children?
Does your organisation truly believe it needs to be 
tackled with a sense of urgency?
If so, don't waste valuable time with "soft" and "safe" campaigns.  Sex trafficking campaigns that fail to confront men's attitudes towards sex buying will be largely ineffectual. 

Be strategic!  Tackle sex trafficking at its root - male demand.