Rape and sexual violence

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Rape and other acts of sexual violence against women and (mostly girl) children is widespread across all communities, cultures, countries and continents:
  • in the home, community, institutions
  • through patriarchal cultural practices (eg child brides, temple girls)
  • through distorted cultural beliefs (eg sex with a virgin 'cures HIV/AIDS', 'brings good fortune' or 'restores virility')

Rape - marital rape - date rape - acquaintance rape - sexual assault - incest - child sexual abuse



"The sexual abuse of children is the genocide of childhood innocence.
Victims are robbed not only of their childhood, but of the person they truly could have become." 

- Renee, incest survivor and blogger


Men: the Problem

Men who commit rape, and men who trivialise rape, come from all cultures and all levels of society including the highest levels of political power. 

Moshe Katsav, former President of Israel. In Dec 2010, convicted of raping
one woman and sexually assaulting
two others. Conviction and 7-year prison sentence upheld in Nov 2011


"Greetings to your president [Moshe Katsav].  What a mighty man he turns out to be!  He raped 10 women - I would never have expected this from him.  He surprised us all - we all envy him!" 

- Russia's then President Vladimir Putin to Israel's then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Oct 2006 (article)


Vladimir Putin, current Prime Minister of
Russia; former President of the Russian
Federation. Intends re-running for President
in 2012.


Men: the Solution

Increasingly better men around the world are speaking out against sexual violence, with messages to men.


"If I had two messages, it would be 'No means no', and I would ask every dad to go home and talk to their son and let them know that when it comes to being a man, there's nothing more important than respecting a woman."

- Mick Foley, USA, pro wrestler and
anti-rape campaigner (


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