Sexual denigration

  • Sexual denigration
  • Sexualised violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Women as 'bitches' and 'hos'
  • Rape jokes
  • Sexualisation of women and girls - media, advertising
  • Male culture - sports locker rooms, comedy clubs, corporate boardrooms

Sexual violence does not take place in a vacuum.  It is fuelled and sustained by widespread attitudes and beliefs around male "entitlement" and female subordination.


Sexual denigration of women - pop culture


     "I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch all on me
     Trippin’ and calling my phone, always lying
     I don’t need no bitch, bitch constantly checking on me
     Bitch don’t even try it, I’m out here grinding, that's why
     I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch…"

 - Snoop Dogg
, rapper, misogynist


Jokes and banter that are fueled by sexism and misogyny are not clever, edgy or provocative.  They're aimed, typically, at titillating immature or insecure males and reinforcing a sense of male superiority and entitlement.  Far from being 'a bit of harmless fun', they fuel unhealthy attitudes that have a real-life negative impact on countless women and girls.
Secure men have no need or desire to sexually denigrate women.  They respect themselves; they respect women.

Sexual denigration of women - corporate culture

Corporate sexual denigration of women is socially irresponsible, and harmful.

As a consumer, YOU can TAKE ACTION.
  • Support companies that take a stand against sexism.
  • Boycott companies and advertisers that sexually denigrate women.  
Check out the following - you be the judge!  

Air New Zealand - BMW - Burger King - Dolce & Gabbana - Duncan Quinn - P&O Cruises - Tom Ford - Trip Airlines - Virgin Mobile


Corporates denigrating women - boycott

Air New Zealand.

History of sexist campaigns. Fuels misogynistic comments.

"All we need now is a nice kiwi bitch...  You can feel her wind, she's blowing you..."



BMW, Greece (2008).

Premium selection, used BMW's.

"You know you're not the first...
Sheer driving pleasure."


Burger King,
Singapore.  (2009)

"Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER...
It just tastes better... It'll blow your mind"


Italy. (2007)

Eroticising gang


Duncan Quinn,
USA.  (2008)

Designer of men's bespoke suits.

Eroticising violence.



"Seamen wanted."


Reborn To Be Alive, Belgium. (2008)

Organ donation charity.

"Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her."  


Tom Ford, USA. (2007)

Long history of sexually objectifying women to advertise unrelated products for men - perfume and menswear.

More examples

Virgin Mobile, USA. (2012)

"The Gift of Christmas Surprise.
Necklace? or Chloroform?"


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Corporates respecting women - support

TRIPAirlines, Brazil.

Woman pilot ejects"sexist" male passenger.

TRIP Airlines says it will not tolerate disparaging remarks towardany of its 1,400 female employees.


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Rape jokes

Late Night Gimp Fight sketch troupe (British) "were entirely unapologetic about their scene... in which Sleeping Beauty wasn't kissed awake by her prince, but raped instead."  
   - Brian Logan, journalist, The Guardian, UK (article)


"We’ve heard a number of rape jokes lately, all told, not coincidentally, by men, where the target of the joke seemed to be the rape victim themselves, or presented the subject of rape as being intrinsically funny. But it’s not an intrinsically funny subject - it’s an intrinsically tragic and traumatizing subject, and we feel it is a mark of how disconnected some male comedians are from the reality of rape that, for them, it exists mostly as a punch line, rather than something real people actually experience." 
                        - Max Sparber

Max Sparber, American
playright, journalist



Click on the question below for the answer.

Should women lighten up or should men grow up?

Some men need to grow up. 

Most women have a great sense of humour.  Most women enjoy 'clever', 'edgy' and 'provocative'. Jokes and banter that sexually denigrate women are none of these.



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