A Call to Women

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead, anthropologist



Recent protests against rape, by women in South Korea, Afghanistan, India and Libya.

The shattering of millions of lives

Whatever your culture, country or continent, rape (including marital, date, acquaintance or stranger rape), incest, and other acts of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration will be widespread in your community.

If women "hold up half the sky" why do so many tolerate a world in which millions of their sisters and daughters are violated and left to live shattered lives - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually?

Sexual violence is overwhelmingly a men's issue to own and to solve.  

A collective call must be made on male leaders, the silent "good" majority (silence is collusive; silence is consent), and potential and active perpetrators.  Sexual violence, exploitation and denigration is NOT inevitable.  It's a choice men don't have to make.  It CAN stop.  Let's call on ALL men to stop it.


Yes, you can make a difference.  Don't under-estimate the power of one.

  • Be informed. 
    Bookmark this website to become more informed. 
    Research those issues that particularly stir you, to find out more.

  • Don't be silent. 
    Silence is a vote for the status quo.

  • Don't be overwhelmed.  
    Being overwhelmed can be paralysing.  Instead ....
Be angry.  Start a conversation.  Reframe your thinking.  Critically analyse what you hear and read.  Talk to your men.  Join local campaigns.  Get physically active.  Get spiritually active.  Support the work of Stop Demand. 

While sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration is overwhelmingly perpetrated by males, a small number of women are offenders.  If you are one, please seek help now!

Some women, too many of them, invite men into their lives and beds who later violate and shatter the lives of their children.  Some go on to support the predator while disbelieving or even blaming their own child. 

Other women cognitively distort and accommodate male-privileging industries that entrench countless women in sexual servitude within prostitution, sex tourism, stripping, lapdancing etc.  Others consume pornography...


Needing support?

Needing support for yourself or a loved one who has experienced sexual violence or sexual exploitation?

  • Seek out your local sexual violence or domestic violence networks for professional or peer support.
  • Find meaningful ways to nourish your soul - whether through nature, animals, the laughter of children, art, music ...  
  • Most importantly, don't lose hope.

Jaycee Lee Dugard. 

A remarkable testimony of survival and hope.

Kidnapped at age 11; held captive for 18 years by a convicted sex offender; repeatedly raped; gave birth to two daughters.      

Jaycee speaks out, she says, to support other sex abuse survivors.  It is not your shame!   She wants her story to help people realize there is a way to triumph over tragedy and survive.  See article/YouTube clip.

" Why not look at it?  You know, stare it down until it can't scare you anymore.  I didn't want there to be any more secrets… I hadn't done anything wrong.  It wasn't something I did that caused this to happen.  And I feel that by putting it all out there, it's very freeing."


Stop Demand's focus is on the cumulative, endemic gendered sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration committed by men against women and (mostly girl) children around the world.  Countless lives are shattered! 
It is not inevitable.  It CAN stop.

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