How evolved are you?



Sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and girls does not take place in a vacuum. 
It is underpinned and sustained by widespread attitudes and beliefs. 
Connect the dots ...


(undeveloped, immature)
1. You enjoy jokes that sexually degrade women. You visit strip clubs and you do, or might, buy sex. You enjoy porn.
 2. You feel a bit uncomfortable with jokes that sexually degrade women, strip clubs, buying sex, and pornography but you join in anyway to fit in.
3. You do not, or no longer, laugh at jokes that sexually degrade women, go to strip clubs, buy sex, and you decide to avoid porn but you don’t talk about how you feel about these issues. 
4. You make it clear to other men that you do not agree with jokes that sexually degrade women, strip clubs, buying sex or pornography. 
5. You join and support organised efforts to stop sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women.  


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Feeling stuck at 1, 2 or 3?   Some tips.


Next time you get an email that sexually degrades women, you might email the sender with a "Hey mate, take me off your list for this stuff – thanks!”
Jokes Next time you hear a joke that sexually degrades women, you might say “C’mon guys, that’s a bit rough" or "Hey guys, can’t we raise the tone a little?” Chances are others in your group will feel similarly but are stuck on level 2 above.
Lap dancing,
strip clubs etc
Next time your business colleagues, sports team mates or male friends suggest you all head off to a strip joint or lap dancing club, you might say “No guys, count me out!”  Chances are someone else in the group will choose not to go also.
Sex tourism
Stag weekends
Don’t nod and wink when a colleague, or the lads, head off to a sex tourist destination for some “R&R”, or for a stag weekend.  Ask them how they’d feel if these women were their daughters, sisters or mothers.
Next time you are tempted to check out porn, get up and take a break.  Make a drink.  Go for a walk or run.  Remind yourself that looking at porn is a CHOICE.  Connect with someone who will support your decision to avoid porn.  Engage with your kids, music, nature... whatever elevates your soul.  If necessary, seek professional help. 
Check out our section on "Men 'unpacking' porn".

Did you know...Teenage girls of porn-viewing fathers are now reporting a “yuk” factor?  For many,
a father’s “parental gaze” has become the “porn gaze”.
 If you choose to move from 2⇒3, 3⇒4 or 4⇒5, fantastic!  You have become part of a positive force for change. 


MEN... making better choices. 


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